About SanrioOrganization Chart


Business Strategy Division Office to the President
Edutainment Department
New Business Department
IP Development Department
General Affairs Division General Affairs Department
Personnel Affairs Department
Office to the Chairman
Internal Auditing Department
Global Sustainability Department
Global Digital & Marketing Division Design Management Department
Communication Design Department
Licensing Design Department
Solutions Design Department
Marketing Department
Data Science Department
CRM Promotion Department
Sales Promotion Department
License Business Division Product Planning & Sales Department
Department 1
Department 2
Department 3
Department 4
Department 5
Department 6
Department 7
Operations Department
Administration Department
Product Sales Divison Direct-to-Consumer Sales Department
1st Distribution Accounts Department
2nd Distribution Accounts Department
Greeting Card Department
Sales Management Department
Global Product Sales Department
Manufacturing Management Department
Planning Department
Distribution Center
Accounting Department
Legal Affairs Department
IR Department
Corporate Planning Department
Video & Film Development Department
Global License Department

(as of April, 2022)