About SanrioPhilosophy

みんな “nakayoku”

— The meaning of this phrase is “Getting Along Together” in English.
みんな (minna) means “all of us”, and nakayoku means “friendship”

Everyone wants to be happy.
It is a fundamental human desire. But what is true happiness?

No one can live in isolation. We can only survive with the support of others, including our parents, children, siblings, spouses, friends, and loved ones as well as colleagues at school, work, and around the world. To believe in and live in harmony with those we share our lives with—is this not true happiness?

To understand and get along with the people with whom we share our lives, it is important to trust, respect, and love each other. To communicate these feelings is the philosophy that guides Sanrio.

Since its founding in 1960, Sanrio has applied our philosophy to all that we do, including the planning and sale of gifts and greeting cards, the editing and printing of publications and the Strawberry Newspaper, and our theme park business. Through these endeavors, we aim to be in the business of sharing and communicating love.

Inspired by our vision of “One World, Connecting Smiles”, we aim to achieve our corporate philosophy of "everyone getting along together”, by creating smiles one person at a time and spreading the circle of happiness even further afield.

We want as many people as possible to feel the joy of knowing they have someone they can talk heart-to-heart with, regardless of whether they are happy, sad, or in pain.

These concepts are at the cornerstone of everything we do.