ComplianceSanrio Compliance Declaration

Since their establishment, Sanrio and Sanrio Group companies (herein collectively known as Sanrio) have utilized characters such as Hello Kitty to build a social communication business founded on the basic philosophy that social communication is vital for people of the world to coexist in harmony. Sanrio has conducted business according to principles mandating that "we will not steal from others","we will not engage in violence of any kind","we will not lie","we will abide by the law" and that "our employees will help each other and build friendly relationships."

As a result, the social communication business model promoted by Sanrio has expanded worldwide on an unprecedented level, and continues to achieve great acclaim by people both within Japan and around the globe.

As such, on this occasion we proffer the Sanrio Compliance Charter, a written proclamation of the core philosophy and principles by which Sanrio conducts its business.

I therefore hereby declare that all Sanrio employees will abide by the Sanrio Compliance Charter in our efforts to further develop social communication, now and in the future.

Tomokuni Tusi
Sanrio President and CEO

Tomokuni Tusi