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株式会社サンリオ 代表取締役社長 辻明邦

I would like to extend to you my heartfelt appreciation for your ongoing support of Sanrio and our characters over the years.

Under the corporate philosophy of みんなnakayoku (The meaning of this phrase is “Getting Along Together” in English. みんな (minna) means “all of us”, and nakayoku means “friendship”), which has guided our company since its inception, our greatest desire is to connect people. Over the course of our history, we have grown thanks to the various characters we have created and our stores and global licensing business which leverage these characters. We must not allow ourselves to only follow what we know, however, but evolve our business to meet the needs of the times.

We will constantly seek reform in all business models, initiate structural reforms where necessary, develop new innovative businesses, and constantly strive to evolve as a global entertainment company so as not to be left behind by the current trends.

In 2021 we established the new vision, One World, Connecting Smiles. This vision refers to our corporate philosophy of "everyone getting along together in harmony”, which we aim to achieve by creating smiles one person at a time and spreading the circle of happiness even further afield.

We believe that the means to achieving this vision is through the entertainment that we create.

Due to a variety of factors, changes are taking place around the world, and conventional wisdom no longer always applies―the entertainment industry is no exception. Though the essence of entertainment remains unchanged, how we experience entertainment, including purchasing behaviors and touchpoints in the customer experience, are changing dramatically.

We at Sanrio are committed to keeping up with the times and staying ahead of the curve in all aspects of our business: in store development, products, design, and licensing, as well as customer experiences.

Sanrio adds new value to entertainment and envisions the next generation of fun and joy being co-created by everyone.

As a business, we will continue to make bold and innovative changes, while remaining true to our original corporate philosophy. Even in times of global uncertainty, Sanrio will persevere to be a company that helps people around the world live in harmony, and continue to create moments of smiles, peace, and happiness for all people.

Tomokuni Tsuji

Sanrio President and CEO