About SanrioCompany Profile

Company Name
Sanrio Company, Ltd.
August 10, 1960
10 billion yen (as of March 31, 2023)
Consolidated Net Sales
52billion yen (April 1, 2022-March 31, 2023)
Fiscal Year
April to March
630 (excluding contract workers, as of March 31, 2023)
Principal Business Activities
  1. Planning and sale of social communication gifts
  2. Planning and sale of greeting cards
  3. Planning and sale of books
  4. Operation of restaurants
  5. Production, promotion and distribution of movies
  6. Production and sale of videos and DVDs
  7. Planning and presentation of musicals, live performances
  8. Copyright licensing
  9. Planning and operation of theme parks
  10. Planning, development and sale of educational services and materials
  11. Planning, sale and distribution of digital content
  12. Activities related to advertising and marketing
Founder and Honorary chairmanShintaro Tsuji
Directors(*Indicates concurrently serving as Executive Officer)
President and Chief Executive Officer*Tomokuni Tsuji
Senior Managing Director*Kosho Nomura
Senior Managing Director*Jiro Kishimura
Managing Director*Yasuyuki Otsuka
Managing Director*Wataru Nakatsuka
Managing Director*Kiyoshi Saito
Outside DirectorYu Sasamoto
Outside DirectorMasae Yamanaka
Outside DirectorDavid Bennett
Corporate AuditorShinichi Okumura
Outside Corporate AuditorTakemi Hiramatsu
Outside Corporate AuditorKazuo Ohashi
Executive Officers
Managing Executive OfficerYuko Tsuji
Managing Executive OfficerSaori Watanabe
Managing Executive OfficerYuko Akiyama
Managing Executive OfficerSadanori Shibata
Executive OfficerMiyuki Okumura
Executive OfficerEiji Fukuda
Executive OfficerYoichiro Kadomoto
Executive OfficerSeiichiro Mine
Executive OfficerHideki Morita
Executive OfficerTatsuya Yamashita
Executive OfficerShuhei Yamada
Executive OfficerKosuke Hamasaki

(as of August 21,2023)

Head Office Address
1-11-1, Osaki, Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo 141-8603
Tel: 03-3779-8111
Branches in Japan
Distribution Center
Kansai Branch
Subsidiaries in Japan
Sanrio Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Kokoro Co., Ltd.
Sanrio Far East Co., Ltd.
Sanrio Car Lease Co., Ltd.
Sanrio Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Sanrio Music Publications Co., Ltd.
Subsidiaries Abroad
Sanrio, Inc.
Sanrio do Brasil Comercio e Representacoes Ltda.
Sanrio Taiwan Co., Ltd.
Sanrio GmbH
Sanrio (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
Sanrio Korea Co., Ltd.
Sanrio Shanghai International Trade Co., Ltd.
Sanrio Wave Hong Kong Co., Ltd.
Sanrio Global Ltd.
Mister Men Ltd.
Mister Films Ltd.
Sanrio UK Finance Ltd.
Sanrio Chile SpA.
Sanrio Global Asia Ltd.
Sanrio Far East (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.